Archdiocese of Milwaukee new digs

I'm just noticing now(I dont think I posted this before?), but I've been busy so this could have happened a while ago.  Looks great.  I think dioceses are really now realizing how important the web presence is.  Once upon a time it was lets-find-some-kid-who-works-on-computers to "take care of that."  Now actual professionals are giving an essential component to diocesan communication and life.  Well worth the financial investment.  Great work!


  1. It does look better... would have chosen a better baptism image though for main page, not the immersion pool at our Weaklandized Cathedral.

    1. Yes, I thought the same. I assume it's an Easter Vigil Mass and ordinarily at any other diocese makes sense, but with the controversy around the wreckovation makes it cringy. But the website design concept is great, that spash image could always be replaced with His Excellency's first TLM? :)

  2. The "substance" of the diocese is still greatly defficiant.


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