Journal Sentinel Shrinks Further Plummeting circulation, shrinking news coverage, closing government pressrooms

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has informed Milwaukee County it will no longer rent a press office at the courthouse. So there will no longer be a beat reporter on the scene covering county government.

Back in 2001, when the newspaper was scooped on the county pension scandal (by yours truly), the editors vowed they would never be caught not covering the county again. They assigned one of their best reporters, Dave Umhoefer, to cover the county, and he won a Pulitzer Prize for a smaller follow-up story on the pension problems I had first reported.

But by 2014 the paper’s county coverage again fell off the map after Umhoefer’s full-time successor on the beat, Steve Schultze, left the paper. In the last year or so Don Behm has covered the county, but rarely does more than a couple stories a month. It’s become a part-time beat.
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Or as Terry Berres succinctly posted: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses capital punishment

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