Dudes; "Cannabis Church" finds new Lansing MI home

LANSING — An organization that finds spiritual meaning in marijuana use has found a new home at an existing church building on the city's south side

The First Cannabis Church of Logic and Reason, led by Rev. Jeremy Hall, will begin holding services at Inner Ascended Masters Ministry, 5705 S. Washington Ave. on April 30. Hall describes the agreement the church has with the ministry as "cross promotion of their business."

According to Hall, the Cannabis Church seeks not only enlighten its parishioners with an all-inclusive, non-denominational philosophy, but also to inspire them to be politically involved. The church is expected to push against a proposed city ordinance aimed at regulating medical marijuana establishments. City officials estimate there are as many as 70 currently open.
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Friends of the weed nuns?  There's so much to say but so little......  dude, did you see that bird?  I think it was LOOKING AT ME.... and now he's telling me to look for tttttttthe lost plates of Moroni.  Platessss is a weird word.  Pla-lalalalala-tteeeeeeez.   ....It's logical to smoke marijuana to perceive reality.  All in a non-denomnomnomnom-amagical burrito.

Terry Nelson altarpiece for new church

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