Sauk City family with nine children threatened by state for child labor violations in family owned bakery

The owners of a family-owned business in Sauk City are receiving backlash for allowing their children to help inside their bakery. The state is now auditing the business for potentially breaking child labor laws.

Curtis and Vickie Eberle, who own The Mixing Bowl Bakery, dreamed of opening their own business. A large part of that dream involved having their nine children there to help at the bakery.

"The customers love them. They love talking to them and interacting with them," Vickie Eberle said.

The couple's nine children range in age from 11 to 6 weeks old. [nicely done!  Two sets of twins in there.] A number of the kids help do everything from making pies to serving customers in the bakery.
The Department of Workforce Development sent a letter to the business on April 4, informing the couple they would be audited, after the department received "several" complaints regarding minors working in the bakery. The letter warned if they continue to allow their children to work, they could be in violation of state child labor laws. The couple immediately stopped allowing the children to work.
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Apparently they live too close to psychotic Anne Gaylor Madistan zombies.

Yeah, your taxpayer dollars hard at work to investigate this "criminal" activity.

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  1. That video is adorable and so something I would have my kids doing at home. Parenting.


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