New St. Paul's makes its way skyward on UW-Madison campus

The new St. Paul's front façade will draw the eye upward from the quintuplet arched entryway to a vibrant mosaic depicting the Coronation of Mary by her Son Jesus.

Inside the sanctuary of the church, a depiction of Jesus Pantocrator will fill the vaulted dome above the apse. In the reredos behind the tabernacle, a painting of Mary cradling the infant Jesus will recall Christ's humanity.

"An extraordinary level of attention has been given to creating transcendent, beautiful art throughout the new building and especially in the sanctuary. We are diligently working to raise all of the necessary funds and conclude the capital campaign in the coming months," said Senior Director of Advancement Scott Hackl.

A dozen interior mosaics running along both walls of the church will highlight 12 canonized saints, pillars of Catholicism, whose witness will speak to the minds and hearts of young people.
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  1. Noted with delight: they are installing a pipe organ FIRST....not a piano, not a guitar, not a "toaster" (electronic simulacrum/organ).

    A real pipe organ!


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