Cardinal Newman Society interviews John McAdams over ongoing legal battle wth Marquette U

The Newman Society: What would you say is the state of Marquette’s Catholic identity?

McAdams: It’s little more than a marketing ploy.

You can find online the religious views of freshmen coming in. I think it’s still the case that a majority are Catholic, although not all of them.

There’s nothing wrong with a non-Catholic attending a Catholic university, but that’s relevant because the average freshman coming in is going to have more Catholics as cohorts than they would at a state-run university today. On the other hand, not all Catholics are particularly serious Catholics, just as not all Protestants are particularly serious Protestants.

But if you look at the institution itself, anytime secular political correctness conflicts with Catholic teaching, they go with secular political correctness. [Bingo]

…The bureaucracy is shot through with political correctness. There are tons of bureaucrats that have “multicultural” or “diversity” or “inclusion” in their titles, and they’re all committed to bringing politically correct speakers to campus, punishing people for politically incorrect speech.
full interview at Cardinal Newman Society

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