Reader feedback request: Seeking good parish near the Wausau/WisconsinRapids/StevensPoint area of the state

Dear Badger Catholic, Duke of La Crosse,

I've recently purchased a home near Mosinee, WI which is sort of in that beer flavored gooey center of the state near the Wausau/WisconsinRapids/StevensPoint area.  My point in emailing you is to survey your knowledge and your readers. What is the best close parish?

Here is what I know. ICKSP is in Wausau, less than 30 minutes away. SP is a heterodox jungle. WI Rapids is also less than 30 minutes away, and I've heard a good parish exists there but they are getting a new pastor. Their is a decent priest in Polonia, which isn't very far; I forget the name.

Finding a good parish is a painful thing for a young family, many thanks for any assistance.
I'd love to get some comments for this one as I have fewer spies in the great heart of Wisconsin.  Sts. Peter and Paul is as good a parish as you will find, the new pastor is fantastic, but yeah it will be sort of a round about drive.  Also, like you said the ICKSP is in Wausau so that's a great option and it's going to be pretty close.  I'm not aware of any decent diocesan parishes in Wausau itself.  Your really not too far from Marshfield either, St. John the Baptist is pretty good there, the interior is top notch ... would be a perfect spot for a little ad orientem... cough.

Readers feedback appreciated!

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