Lower court judge rules against John McAdams in Marquette academic freedom case

May 4, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – In a 33-page ruling today, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge David Hansher found that Marquette University had the legal right to terminate tenured political science professor, Dr. John McAdams. The judge treated the Marquette committee that sat in judgment of McAdams as the equivalent of a neutral, third-party arbitrator, adopting its reasoning and conclusions wholesale.  [Bizarre considering there's absolutely no way they could reasonably be considered such, and the whole point the case is in court is so the court can provide third-party arbitration]  McAdams has already vowed to appeal the ruling.
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  1. God will bless Mr. McAdams for standing up for the Catholic faith. Please, pray for him.
    Shame on the "judge" and the Marquette committee. One day, they will have to answer to God for their words and deeds.


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