Planned Parenthood Closing in Sheboygan - Prayers Answered!

By Dan Miller of Pro-Life Wisconsin 

According to a My Sheboygan article, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin announced their plans to close their Sheboygan office.

The closure will take effect on Thursday, August 17th, 2017, the article states.

Here’s how I see what happened. In 2014, the faithful of the Sheboygan area gathered to pray outside this facility with 40 Days for Life. They took their pro-life convictions and exercised their First Amendment free speech rights in a public forum.

The prayer spurred the community to action. Not long after the 40 Days for Life campaign, the pro-life community of Sheboygan identified a building out of which they could operate a pregnancy resource center. That building is now the home of Anchor of Hope Health Center, located at 703 N 9th Street in Sheboygan – just 1.3 miles away from Planned Parenthood’s soon to be vacated office. Prayer and action.

I spoke with Anchor of Hope Health Center’s Executive Director, Jacky Drewry, about the good news. “It really reminds me of Romans 2:6-7 - Who will render to every man according to his works. To them indeed, who according to patience in good work, seek glory and honor and incorruption, eternal life.” Drewry continued, “It’s so humbling. We walk on the shoulders of those that have gone before us. Their prayers – our prayers, have been answered.”

Drewry mentioned the providence of all of it. “We have expanded our services to include STI testing & treatment, with a formal announcement to the public of a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on August 8th along with an open house. We know this means we will be busier than ever.”

Anchor of Hope Health Center offers the following services free of charge in complete confidentiality: pregnancy screening, ultrasound imaging, STI testing & treatment, abortion recovery, parenting classes and many other life affirming services.

To learn more about Anchor of Hope Health Center – please visit

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