Dad29: More--and Less Useful--Stuff on Fr. Greiten

[We're updating this post, so it will address two different editorials on the topic of Fr. Greiten and Abp. Listecki. The first editorial is from LifeSite; the second is from New Ways Ministry.]

1) Generally speaking, I like what LifeSite brings to the table. They are decidedly counter-cultural in this culture of Mammon, Material, and Death. But in the Fr. Greiten/homosexual/Abp. Listecki case, LifeSite has gone into screed territory. Too bad.

The essay has good and bad points, of course. LifeSite is correct to point out the propaganda-bomb timing of Fr. Greiten's announcement AND his lengthy 'me, myself, and I' ode to narcissism published in a notoriously anti-Catholic rag. Yah, that smells very bad. Greiten is so busy self-obsessing that he doesn't mention little things like Christ, reconciliation, penance....yah, it's smelly. But Greiten's biggest problem is that he's been seriously manipulated, which tends to show that he's not very bright.
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Yep.  Good post.

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  1. As a same-sex attracted man who is practicing the chaste life, with the unfailing support of Our Most Blessed Mother, the daily Holy Rosary and the prayerful support of an F.S.S.P. parish, I feel a sense of desolation for Father Grieten. He believes that he has flung open the door to FREEDOM. He has not.
    He has opened a can of worms that will engulf every aspect of his life. His effectiveness as a priest will disappear. He most likely leave the priesthood within 5 years to "marry" that special man.
    When someone "comes out", one of the "rules" is to jump into a life of unbridled sexual promiscuity. Believe me. I have been there. I have seen hundreds of others exhibit the same behavior.
    It is not freedom. It is the road to spiritual and emotional death. He is 52 years old. Emotionally he is 13 years old. He is going to learn some difficult lessons about "the life"
    James Martin S.J. proclaims that I am "not living a fully integrated life".
    I am now "integrated" with Our Blessed Mother. The peace that she gives me far surpasses anything that I found in that profligate lifestyle.


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