'I will love you forever': Why one Wisconsin family fosters and adopts dying children

The thought of a child dying alone in a hospital bed is one former bereavement nurse Cori Salchert finds unacceptable.

Salchert fosters and adopts children in her home state of Wisconsin who have a terminal or life-limiting illness. While sheknows she cannot make a difference in the life of every sick child whose parents cannot or will not take care of them due to their conditions, she has made a great difference in the lives of seven kids who would otherwise have no one.

Salchert and her husband Mark, who have eight biological children, first adopted a daughter, named Emmalyn, in 2013. The infant was born without the right or left hemisphere of her brain, and was given a grim prognosis by her doctors. Still the family brought Emmalyn home, caring for her for fifty days before she died in Salchert's arms in their dining room.
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Watch the video and listen to Cori open up about the process.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this - it is absolutely beautiful.


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