Abp. Listecki wants to milk a cow

Last Thursday, I made my way to St. John the Baptist Parish in Clyman. On the way, as the sun was setting, a full moon was rising. There was a red hue upon the farmland. Even before the spring greens, the land was rich with color. It reminded me of just how beautiful our state is no matter what season it happens to be. Perhaps that’s why I love Our Wisconsin magazine. It reminds us not to forget the treasure that we possess.

When I was Bishop of La Crosse, it was always eye candy to travel along the Mississippi, or through the Bluffs, the farmlands of Arcadia or the Dells. One of my favorite events was the blessing of the farmlands, the produce, some animals and farm equipment. It usually took place in the fall, and we were often blessed with good weather. After the Mass, I performed the blessings, and together we had a great farm meal. Once, in a celebration of our family farms that took place in Necedah, Cardinal Dolan, then the Archbishop of Milwaukee, gave the initial talk, and was feted with his favorite meal, meatloaf (I think he had three helpings, covered with ketchup)
When I was named Bishop of La Crosse, Cardinal Francis George told me he wanted a picture of me milking a cow. I guess he found it funny, this kid from the industrial part of South Chicago lost among the acres of farmland. However, I loved it. Although I was never able to fulfill his wish (Cardinal George died 2015), it is still on my bucket list. I’ll keep my hands warm and ready for when Bossy is available.
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So far my favorite Abp. Listecki picture is firing the cannon.  Hm, come to think of it, there's the guitar one, the sideburns, the chucks, the peace pipe, and the Army Greens

But really, I think the cow milking pic might top them all.

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