Election today! Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate's 1989 arrests for abortion protests provide window into his views

A pair of arrests nearly 30 years ago provides insight into the views of one Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate on abortion and civil disobedience.

Michael Screnock was arrested and ticketed for trespassing and obstructing officers twice in 1989 when he participated in large protests at a Madison abortion clinic. He reached plea deals that dropped the obstructing citations and required him to perform community service for the trespassing charges, according to Screnock and public records.

“In the context of my life, it’s not something I’ve ever regretted doing,” Screnock said.

Screnock, 48, is a Sauk County judge who is seeking a 10-year term on the state Supreme Court in the spring election.
continue at JS (article from last year)

Sounds like a great guy!


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  1. Get out there and vote for this guy, Badger Catholics; this is going to be close.


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