Why Are Businesses Intervening in a Wisconsin Academic Freedom Case?

The Trump era, if nothing else, has shown that ideological alignments can be fluid and inconsistent. So fiscal conservatives can find themselves backing massive deficits, while evangelicals hand out mulligans for presidential payoffs to porn stars. But even by those fluctuating standards, the decision by some business groups to align themselves with academia's speech police is jarring.

Some background:

Back in 2014, Marquette University suspended a tenured professor, John McAdams, for writing a blog post. Since then, they have effectively fired him. He has sued and his appeal, arguably one of the most important academic freedom cases in the country, is now pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Arguments are scheduled for April 19.
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  1. Get rid of Lovell and Holz. Their contempt for authentic Roman Catholicism is appalling.


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