In humiliating fashion, Marquette University defends hosting "Pride Prom"

Two of the most dodgy words in contemporary religious discourse are “fundamentalism” and “dialogue”. They don’t mean what they seem to mean; in fact, they are often used as a way to gain power.

To explain what I mean, consider that Marquette University, a Jesuit university, is holding a “Pride Prom” this weekend. When some outside the university angrily questioned what a Catholic university is doing sponsoring an LGBT dance, a university spokesman responded:

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Can you imagine having to embrace this soft nihilism and come up with statements like this?   And then they feel so strongly about it, they refuse requests for interviews on the topic. LOL! 

There's a whole lot of room for a faithful Catholic university in the upper midwest.  If you build it, they will come. 


JBQ said...

There are 28 Jesuit colleges and universities. I am a graduate of one. They are now part of an association with a director. They all have the same philosophy. Now with a Jesuit pope, there is a definite agenda. Marquette is only part of that goal of inclusion and the socialization of society.

Badger Catholic said...

The goal might want to be changed to "teach people stuff" at some point.

Dad29 said...

It is clear that something changed at MU about 5-7 years ago which led to the hiring of the current President and MU's more-or-less complete abandonment of Catholicism (although they rather artfully lie about that.)

The only question is "what changed"?