Marquette University bans ‘proselytizing’ on campus

Pere Marquette and the Indians [at the Mississippi River], oil painting (1869) by Wilhelm Lamprecht (1838–1906), at Marquette University[4]
Marquette University students are free to “evangelize” on campus, but may not “proselytize.”

The restriction is part of the Catholic university’s Religious Activities Policy, which is intended to serve as a rule book for religious organizations on campus, but also operates as a sort of pledge to the school community.

“The university welcomes in its midst students of varying religious backgrounds and persuasions, respects the individual religious commitments of students, and in no case attempts to proselytize them through its programs or sponsored activities,” the school explains. “Similarly, the university does not allow any other individual or organization internal or external to the university to proselytize its members using facilities, programs, or activities controlled by the university.”
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