Bp. Morlino warns against "aggressive" reporter George Neumayr

George Neumayr has been investigating the DC coverup and was I think admittedly stalking Cardinal Wuerl prior to the PA Grand Jury Report(and interrogating the housecleaning lady when McCarrick was in hiding).  I've heard many on the orthodox side also describe him as "aggressive."

Neumayr posted in reply:
I just had an extremely disappointing experience with Bishop Morlino outside of the Mayflower hotel in Washington, DC. He is there for Napa Institute meetings.

I walked up to him, shook his hand, introduced myself, and was on the verge of saying something nice to him when he said through a grimace that he didn't like my journalism, didn't like Church Militant, didn't care to "see photos" of apartments and condos where priests are misbehaving, and that he is not the "investigator" of Monsignor Walter Rossi and therefore didn't care if my reports are true. I told him my journalism was motivated by a love for the Church, to which he responded meanly, "If you love the Church, you will get away from me."
There is a major frustration especially amongst conservatives Catholics right now.   It is obvious Pope Francis is not interested in the reforms necessary to fix the abuse cover up in the Church.   There is also well founded paranoia that he has continued to push the Hermunetics of Rupture (which he dubbed the "the hermeneutic of conspiracy") through his leading bureaucrats.  Where JPII worked to make peace between orthodox and progressive elements in the Church, the Francis bureaucracy makes war.  Here we are at another Synod of Wokeness, in which the Francis bureaucracy can embarrass itself.  But the point is that this isn't just about the abuse coverups, but that is the driving force.  However, the Progressives rightly ask where was this demand for justice when JPII was covering for his abuser buddies.  The solution must be one that can separate Church politics with a clear view of punishing criminals and giving victims their due. 

And now we are seeing things like this:

How it all ends, I don't know. But now that it became clear that the Dallas Charter was a failure, and that Pope Francis promoted Cardinal McCarrick knowing he had been privately sanctioned, because he needed a political ally in the US.  And since mainstream Catholic news services on both sides failed to report on abuse allegations(which have now been found to be true), hyper-journalism now is now on a major upswing. 

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