Holy Guardian Angels, orate pro nobis!

Fr John Hardon:

I think it is worth spending a few minutes on this prelude before we go on to explain the role of the guardian angels in our lives.

We know that an angel has no body, and yet we dare not say he is nobody. Our modern world is so intoxicated with materialism that millions actually think that unless something or someone has weight and size and shape it is not real. That is not only untrue; it is a demonic lie.

Back to our guardian angel. He is very real, even though he cannot be perceived by our senses. He has a mind that is always thinking of God, and a will that is always united with God. He has been specially appointed as our companion through life. And he exercises this companionship by his constant assistance in illuminating our minds and inspiring our wills.

My guardian angel is generally not impressed.


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