In releasing names of priests with substantiated allegations, Bishop Ricken offers apology

ALLOUEZ — During a press briefing Jan. 17 to announce the release of 47 names of priests with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor, Bishop David Ricken apologized to victims-survivors.

“The release of these names may open up old wounds and create new hurt,” he said in his opening statement. “For this I am profoundly sorry. But I want to recognize the victims-survivors for their strength over the years in coming forward to tell their stories. The hurt they endured at the hands of their perpetrators cannot be undone. I could apologize, but more importantly, I need to show them through action that we are being open and addressing this issue head-on.”

Bishop Ricken also said the priorities that were outlined in the seven “Action Steps to Accountability,” which were published Sept. 7, 2018, in The Compass, still remain.

“The victims-survivors and their families are my greatest concern,” he said. “To all of the victims-survivors and their family members, please know that you will be in my prayers, especially in these coming days.” Bishop Ricken invited abuse victims “who have been suffering in your pain and silence” to come forward and share their story, either with the diocesan Safe Environment Office or with Catholic Charities.
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