Rachel Campos-Duffy: Stay-at-Home Motherhood Has Been Disparaged for Too Long

As a married mother of eight, the sacrifices made by stay-at-home moms is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

I was an at-home mom for 14 years before I decided to go back to work for a myriad of reasons - not the least of which was financial. But those years at home were the most important years of my life. I learned so much about myself being an at-home parent.

Those years helped me build my confidence as a parent, which has proven to be so important to me as I juggle my current work in and out of our home.

Having been on both sides - an at-home mom and working outside the home - I do NOT believe that being at home makes you a better parent. In fact, for the at-home parent, there will actually be more opportunities to fall short of one’s expectations because there are so many more opportunities for interaction and failure. But that also means there are more occasions to reconcile and plenty of time to learn about and from one another in the process.
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Badger O'Stripey_One said...

Just read Rachel’s bio. What a woman! Nine children, the last one with Down Syndrome and husband has resigned from politics to give the child special care. If there are prizes for for being a great family, this lot should be top of the list. That picture could be a painting by Norman Rockwell!