Understanding why Miller Park will be no more

The Brewers are still named the Brewers and that name still pays homage to the rich brewing history here in the Milwaukee and Wisconsin area.

Every fan wants the Brewers to spend money, get big name free agents but the reality is, the Brewers are in the smallest media market in all of baseball. They HAVE to generate revenue and this is one way of doing it. If Miller won’t pay up, then bye bye. What’s so hard to understand?

By the way, AM FAM employs over 8.000 people and many of them live and work and spend their money right here in Wisconsin. Miller is now Miller Coors and is based in Canada. Get over it.

If you’re a BREWERS fan and understand the economics of baseball, you may not like it but you know it will benefit your team. If you’re a beer drinking chughead who wants to live in the bottom of a glass and hold on to old fables that are no longer relevant, well then belly up to the bar and drink more because it’s going to take a LOT of beer sales to ever get it back to “Miller Park”.
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