Abp Listecki There is a Right Answer in Abortion Debate

When missionaries reached the shores of newly discovered lands, they were confronted with the culture of people who had no relationship to Christianity. In fact, some still practiced the brutal custom of human sacrifice to the gods they worshipped. Of course, this appalled the missionaries and adventurers who considered themselves both “enlightened and progressive.” However, in their zeal for the conversion of the native people, they used the message of Christianity to expunge this barbaric practice. It seemed simple on its face that human life demanded respect and this pagan practice did little to support the “imago dei,” the teaching that every life has the imprint of God on their being.

A couple of weeks ago, the state of New York passed legislation that allowed the extinction of a human life up until the moment of birth. As some have explained, even if the attempted abortion is botched and the baby born alive, there would be a right under the law to “euthanize” the baby. Is this the witness to Christianity and its teaching that our forefathers envisioned for our nation?
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