Reader seeking TLM in the Menomonee Falls area

From a reader:
First, thank you for the Badger Catholic blog. I followed it when I was away from Wisconsin. Now that I am home, I read more regularly.

Now to my question. I have struggled to find Latin Mass options in Milwaukee (I live in Menomonee Falls) and recalled having seen a list on your blog. But the page doesn’t look current. I’m hooked on the First Friday Extraordinary Form at St Mary Visitation (Elm Grove) with Musica Oramus, which you’ve mentioned on the blog. Wondering if there are more?
Thanks for reading and welcome back!  Yes, that Mass times listing post was compiled with the help our friends at the TMS of Madison.  Blogging for a million years like me makes me realize that some posts don't age well.  However, it is still helpful to know where there are or have been Latin Mass groups, but keeping up with Mass time changes is not doable. 

On to the question.  Well, a guy like me would be doing what he could to get to St. Stanislaus.  I know it's on the south side, but I would think from most places in Menomonee Falls that you could take 41 and make the trip in about 30 minutes or so.  Even in little La Crosse here it takes us about 15-20 minutes to get to our parish.  Ideally you could find something closer to home though.  The archdiocese website does list Latin Mass times (I didn't realize Sheboygan had one).

I'll reopen comments today.  Feel free to chime in.


  1. The only TLM offered in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is at St. Stanislaus.

  2. Sheboygan is done by the Stans crew.

  3. I live mid-way between Madison and Milwaukee.
    The closest options for Sunday that I am aware of are Saint Stanislaus in Milwaukee or Saint Mary's in Pine Bluff, both an hour or more away for me.
    It would be nice if the TLM were offered somewhere in between Milwaukee and Madison.

  4. Be nice if a TLM parish were to form in Eau Claire....I'd join in a heart beat. I'd even beat a path to Eau Claire if the Episcopalians there were to form an Anglican Use Ordinariate parish. C'mon, Eau Claire, let's get organized! ISJ in Boyd is great but too remote.

  5. You can also attend the Tridentine Mass at St. Pius V Chapel, 425 Grand Avenue, Mukwonago, WI. Masses are at 7:45a.m. (Low Mass) and 10:00a.m. (High Mass) every Sunday. Saturday Masses are at 8:00a.m. (Low) and 10:00a.m. (High.) Plus Holy Days of Obligation. Distance to St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee, or to St. Pius in Mukwonago is roughly the same from Menomonee Falls.

  6. The EF Mass was briefly available in Oconomowoc (St Jerome's) but is gone, along with the director of liturgy who more-or-less willed it into being.

  7. St. Anthony's on 9th and Mitchell Street, near St. Stans has a great 10:00 am Sunday Traditional mass. Not fully TLM, but communion rails, traditional hymns and chants, and plenty of latin throughout. I live in Menomonee Falls and its about a 20 minute drive.

  8. [from Menomonee Falls guy] Thanks, fellow readers. In these troubled times, I love it when defenders of the faith speak up. To paraphrase a California Senator, may the dogma continue to live loudly within us.


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