St. Patrick's Oratory in Green Bay to hold first annual Feast of St. Patrick - and a renovation project


Also, I didn't realize this but the church building at St. Patrick's is in the middle of a renovation project.  I took a few photos my last time in town (I didn't ask ahead so I'm a little gun shy being the stranger taking a bunch of pictures).  Unfortunately at some point in the church's history, some frescos were painted over, and you can see from the pictures how many features were minimalized or removed.  However, the project which is already underway has made some significant improvement.  We cant quite see the high altar, but if you look at my previous visit you can make out the side altar seen, etc.  A reader sent me a few photos from Epiphany(and the top two are from a couple years ago).

From a couple of years ago 
From a couple years ago

The work is only part way done.  An altar rail is also being installed, and also some less exciting but mandatory updates like the boiler, etc.  I'm excited to see how it turns out! 

Oh, here, on their Facebook page they have a good shot:

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