It's Friday And You Are Eating A CHEESEBURGER

Happy Easter!

Also, I'm working through a roundup post on the appointment of Bishop Hying(yea!), but having baby twins at home has made me realize the only thing more difficult than typing one handed is to type no handed.  Some day folks we are staffing up with real writers.  You may have seen a certain blogger quoted in the Wis State Journal.

 My full quote (was hoping he used my lovable jab at our dearly deceased):
I think what the Madison area gets a bishop who - to use a Pope Francis-ism - is a shepherd who has "the smell of the sheep." This is a guy who will be out among his flock of Christians working with them in service of Jesus Christ and his fellow man. He spent years working with the poor in the Dominican Republic and is fluent in Spanish Although clearly not sharing Bishop Morlino's body shape, the two men do have some similarities, but I think Bishop Hying has his own style and points of emphasis. I have to think that most churchgoers will be delighted with their new bishop.

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