Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Robinsonville, WI

I didn't think it was at all difficult to find although there are almost no signs up.  It is kind of squished between two farms, but then there is a large area behind the church and convent with some outdoor devotional areas.  Overall quite beautiful in a quaint sort of way.   Because of the significance I think my heart wants to build something explosive and untameable in Our Lady's honor, but since approval has only recently been obtained, for about 150 years this place lay a secret outside the immediate area.  The richest country in the history of the world should be able to build the most resplendent shrine to Our Lady that has existed... is that asking too much? hahaha. 

One thing that struck me is that both in the crypt chapel and in the main church the statue of Our Lady was done in the fashion of Our Lady of Lourdes... but that is not how she appeared on the site.  There is a statue done that is between the church and chapel that is done with "a yellow sash" which would be what she looked like that day in 1859.

What seems clear is that eventually a new church will be built.  I would donate only after seeing the plan.  It could be the splendor of America or another Crystal Cathedral.  I really don't know what to expect.

You will see that the windows in the main church appear identical in design to St. Norbert's Abbey which is too bad.  I don't know how many chapels have been on this site but there are a few magnificent stained glass windows in the crypt chapel that appear to be from an older church.  If there are pictures of a previous church, I'd love to see them but I think they might be even smaller.

We went on Sunday morning but went to the Institute for Mass(Mass at the Shrine wasn't until 11 and we wanted to get back).  Buuuut, as you may know the Fathers of Mercy are now taking care of the Shrine and there were kneelers setup in the front of the church - possibly to receive communion kneeling.  That would be fantastic. 

It's a peaceful sight, I would have liked to spend the whole day there.  Oh, and I think I saw that they will be having a Mass in honor of the anniversary of the apparition in October.  I will be going.  Enjoy.


"A piece of the Blessed Virgin Mother''s veil" !!!!!!

A second class relic of the Blessed Virgin Mary?!

Original windows before St. Norbert's got their hand on the church?

Crypt Chapel

Seer Sr. Adele Brise ... it's just kind of there, next to the church, by an exhaust vent.


Steve said...

But is it nuclear free??

Badger Catholic said...

Apparently I should have brought nuclear bomb sniffing dogs with me...

Al said...

I was up there on pilgimage last June, just a few months after the Bishop approved the apparition. It doesn't look like much has changed, except that the sign wasn't there back then. FYI, the kneelers weren the chapel last June, so their presence preceeds the arrival of the Fathers of Mercy.
Yes, it is a very peaceful place. The problem I foresee is that as it gets better known, the crowds will have an effect on that peace.
So did you get to check out the various spots behind the chapel, ie the Stations of the Cross, the stations for the Rosary, etc? Sounds like you didn't have enough time.
You left out 1 important fact about the crypt chapel. The front of the chapel is where the apparitions took place.
I'll have to get out my materials from the trip to check on some of the other things, like when the chapel was built, when I get home tonite.

Badger Catholic said...

If you view the slideshow I have several pictures of the back area also. Readers have mentioned to me before about that location being the same location as the vision, but it was definitely not apparent when visiting. Maybe there was a sign I missed.

Peter Leitermann said...

I have been to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help many times. What I have found very helpful is viewing the video on the history of the Shrine. There is also a great book written by Edward Looney, a Green Bay Diocesan Seminarian, for those who would like to do a self guided tour.

In the video it talks about the 3 chapels that have been on site and also lets us know that where the statue stands in the crypt is between the stumps of the trees where our Mother appeared to Adele.

The Diocese and volunteers have done some very nice improvements such as, a cafe, paved parking lot and the stationing of the Fathers of Mercy.

More information can be found at