Bp Sample named next archbishop of Portland, Oregon

(Vatican Radio) On Tuesday Pope Benedict XVI appointed 52-year-old bishop Alexander K. Sample, Metropolitan Archbishop of Portland Oregon, U.S.A.

He takes over the pastoral leadership of the Archdiocese of nearly 400,000 Catholics from Archbishop John G. Vlazny who has retired.

Bishop Sample was ordained a priest of the diocese on June 1, 1990, at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. He served in several parish assignments before moving to Rome, Italy, from 1994-96 to earn a degree in Canon Law. Upon returning to the diocese he held a number of duties in the chancery office. He served as a member of the Marriage Tribunal, as chancellor, as a member of the College of Consultors, as director of the Department of Ministry Personnel Services, as director of the Bishop Baraga Association, diocesan chaplain to the Knights of Columbus, and was involved in many major efforts of the diocese. On January 25, 2006, by the mandate of Pope Benedict XVI, he was ordained bishop of Marquette.
Vatican Radio

Well, it's a big loss for our area.  Bp. Sample is also on the board at the Guadalupe Shrine, obviously that time is over. 

New to Archbishop-designate Sample?   You can follow this label, very much in the mold of Cardinal Burke. 

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Haha, +Sample has already updated his Twitter profile.


  1. A note from Ray at Stella Borealis:

    Another Upper Midwest Bishop gets promoted

    Bishop John Vlazny of Portland, OR, formerly Bishop of Winona, 1987-1997, has retired at age 76.

    Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, who was the youngest bishop in the country when he was appointed as bishop there in 2005, has been appointed Archbishop of Portland.

    This just a few months after Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo was appointed as Archbishop of Denver.

    Other upper midwest bishops with recent promotions are: Bishop Dennis Schnurr as Archbishop of Cincinnati, Bishop Robert Carlson, Auziliary in StP-M, as Archbishop of St. Louis, Bishop Frederick Campbell, Auxiliary in StP-M to Bishop of Columbus, OH, Bishop Richard Pates, Auxiliary in StP-M as Bishop of Des Moines, Bishop David Zubik from Green Bay to Pittsburgh, and of course, Bishop Raymond Burke first to LaCrosse and then St. Louis and now a Cardinal in Rome.

    There are two local vacancies to be filled this year: Fargo and St. Cloud (Bishop Kinney has submitted his retirement letter). Any nominations pass on to the Papal Nuncio in Washington DC.

  2. He should probably watch a few episodes of Portlandia for research on the natives.

  3. brings lots of holy water - you're going to need it bishop!

  4. That's "Bishop-designate" not "Bishop-elect." This isn't the US electoral system. A bishop is designated by the pope, not elected.


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