Cistercian nuns from Prarie du Sac make altar bread

As seen on Fr. Z

Thank you for all that you do to promote the religious life, especially the businesses that cloistered religious operate to support themselves.

I thought you might appreciate (and plug) this video on the altar breads business run by my sisters at Valley of Our Lady Monastery in Prarie du Sac, Wisconsin and spread the word that parishes can buy altar breads made by women who sing vigils at 4:00 a.m. each morning in Latin:

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As the video says, the business supports the sisters, but they’re going to need some extra help to build a new monastery that will hold their rapidly growing community. Those who are able to help can send a donation to:

Valley of Our Lady Monastery
E 11096 Yanke Drive
Prairie du Sac WI 53578-973773


If a parish would like to use altar breads baked by contemplative nuns, they can, click here.

These women are the only house of O.Cist nuns in North America and you can see that they’re the real deal by the joy on their faces. These are the type of nuns that your readers can feel very good about supporting.

Did I mention that, in addition to working and praying hard, they’ve now gone ad orientem?

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