Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs

The good guys are definitely winning the sign contest.

My favorite

Democrats, encouraging a culture of hatred since 1960.

Hahahaha, I thought you'd really like that last one.

Rape, Nazis, and Bambi?  Wow, you guys got it goin on.  It's just this reason that common people cannot support these hacks.  They cant present themselves or their arguments respectfully.  Anybody who disagrees is a Nazi.  Yeah yeah yeah. 


HT Jeanne


  1. Attended the Walker rally on Saturday. Prayed for peaceful rally. After rally, walking down the sidewalk on the Square, saw female standing next to her sign laying on the sidewalk which said "Walk on Walker". I prayed and decided to stand next to it after she walked away so no one could walk on it and distributed blessed salt next to it. Then a male sitting nearby said to a dog owner, "Have your dog walk on it." I walked over to him and just glared at him, then walked away. A little further down the sidewalk, a man stood next to his sign laying on the sidewalk which said "Budget Repair Bill" with an arrow pointing to some brown doggy doo-looking piles on the sidewalk and he was saying to passersby to watch where they stepped. Believe me, the police would ticket us for a sign touching the ground/sidewalk/snow for a pro-life rally. This is unacceptable to see the Madison ordinance enforced for pro-lifers but not these people. And to see signs on walls and railings and windows of the Capitol-do you think pro-life signs would be permitted to be posted like that?

  2. I would like to explain the cause of the killing of nearly 50 million people over 12 years by hitler/the Nazis, as a way to explain the cause of the killing of 53 million people just in the US, just by surgical abortion, since 1973 Roe v. Wade, and 50 million people killed world wide each year, just by surgical abortion. You have seen the signs that show a victim of hitler's holocaust, next to a victim of lynching, next to an aborted Baby, and we are to see we are dealing with another time in history in which killing has taken place in another terrible movement. I wanted to research the causes of the previous killing movements, in order to better understand the cause of the present killing movement. Please take the time to research the occult, satan and hitler. I just found an article today online which talks of the Vril Society, within the Thule Society, which included child sacrifice, among other very evil practices, and was the group hitler and others were involved in. No one likes the part of the pro-life movement where we have to deal with the tragedy of the pro-death movement killing the innocent. No one likes the truth about hitler, satan and the occult and the killings that followed. We must see that only with the power of God can we do pro-life work. Please keep growing in your prayer life and stay close to God. Please, Church Militant, keep fighting for pro-life, no matter how long this takes, and remember you are on the way to Eternal Life right now.


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