More on the new Our Lady of Good Help statue and a poll

I'm getting alot of negative feedback on the new statue Bp. Ricken commissioned

So here's the account of the apparition

And here's the statue that already exists in the stairwell(which meets the description of the apparition).

Here's the one behind the main altar

And here's the one in the crypt at the apparition site.


And here's the new one(did this replace one of the existing statues)?

I didn't want to be the first to say it, but since everyone else has chimed in, yes, creepy.  Alot of the comments are that people don't like the contoured breasts and thighs of the Blessed Virgin Mary... I can't believe I just wrote that.  I'd have to agree that it's a bit distracting.  It would appear they tried to model it after the actress that plays the Virgin Mary on their website.

Now, if it was commissioned by Bp. Ricken, I suppose even if he didn't like the end results, it's already done, it's not like he's just going to throw it out.  I'm told the company that did it is Inspired Artisans.  They've done some really nice work before(below a statue of St. Anthony), so why they missed so bad with this statue, I'm not sure.

How do you rate the new Good Help statue?(10 best 1 worst)

Bonus: Here's a nice video on PBS

Watch Our Lady of Good Help Shrine on PBS. See more from In Wisconsin.

So I've decided I will commission my own image of Our Lady of Good Help and give it to Bp. Ricken.


  1. The reason the new statue is so bad is that the others were just fine - espcially the original one in the stairwell. The other reason is because the new one is too sensual - as you pointed out. The hair is too Lindsay Lohan, the paint finish too pearlescent, and so on. It resembles a figure someone might win at the State Fair. I hope the Bishop didn't have to pay for it.

  2. We had our annual Pilgrimage to the shrine, this year we saw the pittiful statue right up front. People were so distracted and some even were making jokes. It is so embarassing. People were making up names for the statue that were not flattering. You would think that this was done on purpose to poke fun at our Blessed Mother. This is the most UN-Inspiring statue I have ever seen in my life. Dear Bishop Ricken, please decommission this and possibly use the one in the Crypt, everyone says that they are moved when they visit. Also please request that the actress be removed from the website, again embarassing.

    1. Most who see the statue feel the same way.

  3. I'm so excited about my first visit to our lady's shrine but I'm disappointed in the new statue

    1. Perhaps as time goes on, a new statue will be commissioned.

  4. Ugly statue. This type of statue will not pass in Spain because there is no Uncion Sacra, which is w look of piety. The hair disheveled, marionette lines on her face depicting age, pagan breastesses and wide thighs plus standing on dirt base, looks cheap! She should be given to the Episcopalians or sold on eBay and use money for a new one!

  5. I am very disappointed with this statue and find it a terrible distraction in the sanctuary. I wish the mistake would simply be acknowledged and removed. The shrine is such a peaceful and holy place. The other statues there inspire reverence. This one is simply horrific. With out the least bit of over exaggeration one can state there in not a single thing one can state positively about it !

  6. If console someone, Saint Catarina Labourré, saint Bernadette and Sister Lucia disliked the first statues of Our Lady of Graces, Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima (At true, the first statue of Our Lady of Fátima had many differences of Lucia's description, The Peregrine Virgin is the most similar to her.


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