NYTimes article on Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan: Five Children. Any Questions?

Comedian Jim Gaffigan Takes Sundays Off From Stand-Up
On Sundays, the comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan, 46, takes a day off from stand-up. Instead of performing, he collects new fodder during family outings with his wife, Jeannie Noth Gaffigan, and their five children, Marre, 9; Jack, 7; Katie, 4; Michael, 22 months; and Patrick, 7 months, and time spent at their home, a fifth-floor walk-up on the Bowery. Some of this material can be seen and heard in Mr. Gaffigan’s Grammy-nominated, downloadable comedy special, “Mr. Universe,” and on his national tour. It also fills the pages of his new book, “Dad Is Fat,” which was released last week.

HOMECOMING Being a stand-up comedian, often I will be flying back very early on Sunday. I’ll fly back into La Guardia or J.F.K. or Newark, and then I will head home and maybe I’ll cook breakfast for the kids. I’ll make them scrambled eggs and toast and kind of destroy the place. Then we will do, like, a handoff where my wife will wake up at say, 9:30, 10, and then I’ll hand off to her and then I’ll go back to bed. 

CHURCH PREP Then we’ll valiantly attempt to get our five children to church on time at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. We try and get them out the door and bring stuff for them to do at church. Church is the last thing that a kid wants to do, sitting quietly and listening to a guy talking about metaphors, so getting them motivated to do that is a pretty big task.
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  1. Not that his comedy is perfect but I am not surprised to see Gaffigan is a Catholic family man. He seems to keep his comedy cleaner. I'm not sure if he coined the term "Shiite Catholic"?

    1. My wife and I enjoy him, he does talk about being a Catholic in some of his bits - it could be offensive to some because he kind of plays this food obsessed deadbeat in some of his stuff - if you understand it's a show and he's joking about it, it's usually pretty funny.

  2. He's one of my favorite comedians. I appreciate that he can be extremely funny while still keeping it clean.


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