Madison Cathedral bulletin from 1965

"We purchased a Latin Mass missal at my grandparents estate sale recently. Inside I found this Bulletin from St. Patrick's Church in Madison, WI - February 7th, 1965.

"This was before the Novus Ordo (New Mass) came out. It is interesting to note the number of daily and Sunday Masses compared to today. Some of the comments on the bulletin also seem to be quite the zingers seeing as the new Mass was not out yet."
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Remember the poem at the end was prior to the Novus Ordo being published in 1969, but I'm not sure how that makes sense considering the content.   Ahh, Aristotle has educated me that there was a 1965 Transitional Missal, I was not aware. 

Latin's gone
Peace is too
Singin', an dshoutin'
From every pew.

Altar's turned around
Priest is too
Commentator's yellin'
Page twenty two.

Communion rails goin'
Stand up straight
Kneelin' suddenly
Went outa date.

Processions are formin'
In every aisle
Salvation organized
Single file.

Rosary out
Psalms are in
Hardly ever hear
A word against sin.

Listen to the Lector
Hear how he reads
Please stop rattlin'
Them rosary beads.

Padre's lookin puzzled
Doesn't know his part
Used to know the whole deal 
In Latin by heart.

I hope all changes
Are just about done
That they don't drop Bingo
Before I've won.

Haha, great finish!

Could you imagine if something like this went in a bulletin today? 


  1. And St Pat's wasn't even in any way connected to the Cathedral at that time. So there were that many Masses at just a regular old parish!

    We have a 1965 Missal in the sacristy at Holy Redeemer (the other half of the Cathedral Parish today). It's quite interesting to look through. One of the priests who celebrates the TLM there still uses it for when he repeats the readings in English.

  2. Was that poem in the bulletin? I'm afraid I can't see it, or I don't entirely understand the comment.

    1. What the heck??? It's gone. I'll fix it.

    2. Okay second page(or is it the first page) is posted.

  3. Many of the changes in the Novus Ordo were being "tried out" long before the implementation of said Missal. Bringing up of gifts, standing lines for Holy Communion, Priest with his back to God, etc. Many around the upper midwest.......go figure. I've seen several pictures from the late 1950's with many "Novus Ordo" changes already being used.


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