40 Days for Life planning underway in Madison, Green Bay

From the Madison Catholic Herald:
MADISON -- The volunteer meeting for Madison’s 40 Days for Life vigil was highlighted with the news of an abortion clinic ceasing operations in Green Bay. That development is serving as motivation to help the same thing happen here. The next 40 Days for Life is scheduled to take place Wednesday, Sept. 25 through Sunday, Nov. 3. The effort calls for people to come out and pray near abortion clinics to help end abortion.
Green Bay's 40 Days for Life leader (and pro-life force of nature) Jim Ball spoke to motivate the attendees.
Ball spearheaded a campaign to massively increase the number of volunteers. He shared his experience with the Madison group, in the hopes of encouraging the same results.
As the meeting started, Ball was choked up with emotion announcing the end of the “abortion mill” in Green Bay. This was met with loud applause by the crowd of about 40. 
Read the rest of the article. There's a lot of good stuff. And do get involved in your local 40 Days for Life campaign.

Click here to like Madison Vigil for Life (the umbrella organization that hosts 40 Days for Life in Madison).

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