Fanatic Friday: The Best Commercials of the Last Thousand Years

As I've said before, the promise of one day posting the Fanatic Friday is the only reason I took the job here at the Badger Catholic. And just because it's not true, doesn't mean I won't continue saying it.

I went to see the Brewers last night. It turns out the $10 merchandise/ticket/concessions vouchers for every fan who walks through the door promotion is quite the draw. Attendance topped 36,000 for a bad baseball team. The cheap seats I normally buy were sold out. Stubhub's prices were about double what I expected. And my negotiations with the seedy parking lot scalpers fell through.

Fortunately, some dude had some extra tickets and decided to give them away to people with kids. I walked through the turnstiles gratis.

The best comparison I can make is that that this $10 voucher promotion is the baseball equivalent of "Cash for Clunkers." You're getting stuff, but it really screws with the market. (I missed an inning and a half waiting in line for my Polish Sausage, and there were sizeable lines outside the ticket window and the team store after the game.) But you don't mind if you're the one getting stuff.

Then I had an epiphany. I've tried to hold down the fort as best as I could with Matt gone on vacation. But it's still possible many of you feel the Badger Catholic just isn't the same with old Steve at the helm. You might be disappointed--even jaded.

And so to win your support and your love, I'm going to do what has worked for the president and for the Milwaukee Brewers: I'm going to straight up give you stuff. I'm going to give you EXTRA Fanatic Friday videos. Let's go to the tape.

When you're watching TV, nobody likes commercials. Unless they're really, really good commercials. Introducing, the three greatest television commercials of the last thousand years.

#3: The Most Interesting Man in the World: Any of them, really.

#2: Clay Matthews Fathead Commercial: I don't know what to say. I love everything about this video. just everything.

#1: DirecTV's Eccentric Russian Billionaire Ad: Like any great work of art, you pick up a different nuance to this commercial every time you view it. Some of you might think I'm joking. But watch it. I'll wait.

Did you notice the dogs playing poker in the background? Didn't think so. Watch it again.


OK, what did he eat--a gold--plated grape. Got you again.

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  1. You pretty much dominated the BC, it's at least a complete game, possibly a shutout.


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