Duluth priest to host “The Papacy: A Living History” on EWTN

The Rev. Richard Kunst from Duluth’s St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church will host a show on papal artifacts airing next week on the Catholic cable television station ETWN. The five-part series, called “The Papacy: A Living History,” was filmed in Duluth with episodes shown at 2 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. He is joined by the Rev. Ryan Moravitz from Immaculate Heart Catholic Church in Crosslake.

EWTN can be viewed on expanded cable in Duluth or on satellite systems.

Monday: Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II
Examine rare pieces such as John Paul II’s zucchetto and walking stick, and Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination card as he entered the priesthood.
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  1. yet another example of conservative Catholic blogs highlighting Catholic trivia and far from the substance of the Gospel and the Catholic tradition.


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