Madtown: Helping university students see life in Jesus Christ

“Without St. Paul’s,” University of Wisconsin-Madison student Jamie Wheeler reflects, “without the guidance it offers . . . ” She pauses. Then she smiles. “We would be missing the Big Picture.”

Jamie is a chemistry Ph.D. student from Texas. Three years ago, she made the big move north to study at the University of Wisconsin.

The “Big Picture” Jamie refers to is, of course, life in Jesus Christ. Students like Jamie can’t even imagine what their years of formation as young adults would be like without the grounding they receive at St. Paul University Catholic Center.

Young adults coming out of the shelter of home and into a world-class campus like the University of Wisconsin face what too often becomes a subconscious decision to the Big Question: now that my parents aren’t around to drag me to Mass on Sunday, am I going to keep the faith or leave it behind?
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  1. A far cry from the wacky days of not too long ago...

    Dave P.


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