FSSP pilgrimage to Guadalupe Shrine in La Crosse

The seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter made a pilgrimage up to Minneapolis to visit their new apostolate at All Saints Parish.  On the way back to Nebraska, they stopped to make a pilgrimage at the Guadalupe Shrine in La Crosse.  They had a Solemn High Mass Sunday, which was a first for me, just beautiful.  One of the founding priests gave a great homily on the early days of the order and the crisis they overcame.  It was fitting as the Friars of the Immaculate also attending face their own crisis today.  There were lots of guys, and they needed places to stay so we hosted 3 of the seminarians at our house.  Good young men, I forgot how young, I guess I'm getting old.  I was talking about Cardinal Burke and none of them knew who he was; a good reminder that not everyone lives in my own little Badger Catholic world.  They said they stopped at the Mall of America too which I laughed thinking about the gawkers onlooking as 70 men in cassocks walk around together. 

Photos courtesy of Edward Jones


  1. I am blessed that there is an FSSP parish close enough that it is the home parish for my family. It is my hope that soon they will be in every diocese.

  2. Excellent post! The sub-deacon holding the Gospel, Daniel Heenan, is an acquaintance of mine and I have been supporting him during his seminary training. He will be ordained to the deaconate later this month and the priesthood next Spring. Please pray for the continued growth of the FSSP and thanks for helping them out with temporary housing while visiting La Crosse.

  3. Are you sure that they didn't know about ++Burke and weren't being coy to avoid topics?
    ++Burke is more associated with the Institute--the trad rivals.

    1. I think they were just young, literally half as young as me.


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