History Mystery: St. George School opened in 1858

Last week’s question: In what year was St. George Catholic School founded?

Answer: It’s been about 14 years since the parishes of St. George and St. Casimir in Kenosha were merged by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee into one parish: St. Elizabeth.

But St. George made its mark in Catholic education in 1858 when the Sisters of Notre Dame came to teach here. That was seven years after the founding of the parish. The motherhouse of the order was located in Milwaukee. The school was located in the 4800 block of Seventh Avenue.

Sisters Mary Petra and Mary Edmundsa and a candidate, Mary Anna Meyer, comprised the first teaching staff, and the enrollment on Jan. 7, 1858, was 27 boys and 33 girls. Two months later the number had increased to 51 girls and 33 boys.

The newly organized school had one room, later divided by a partition to eliminate some of the distractions.
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  1. Love this photo. My father would have been six and in first grade. I don't see him in the picture. I was happy that anti- Catholic Kenosha news published this picture. My family has a very long history with St. George Parish. Every one in my family graduated from the school. Thank God for the ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.


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