Gov. Walker asks state superintendent to remove porn-watching teacher

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker on Tuesday urged state schools Superintendent Tony Evers to revoke Andrew Harris’ teachers’ license.

Harris is the Middleton-Cross Plains middle school teacher found to have viewed multiple pornographic images, videos and other inappropriate sexual content at the school.

“After hearing from concerned parents, I am asking you to act efficiently in your investigation into the actions of Mr. Harris and to initiate revocation proceedings,” Walker wrote in a letter to Evers.

The Middleton-Cross Plains School District fired Harris in 2010 after another teacher filed a complaint saying Harris showed her pornographic images at the school. The district launched an investigation that found Harris received hundreds of pornographic images, videos and inappropriate jokes on his school email account and viewed them at work.

Harris’ union filed a grievance asking that he be reinstated. The arbitrator, Karen Mawhinney, who donated $1,500 to two of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s failed campaigns for governor in 2010 and the recall in 2012, agreed with the union. She ordered the district to reinstate Harris to a similar position and pay him nearly $200,000 in back pay. The district spent another $627,000 in legal fees trying unsuccessfully to have the decision overturned in the courts.
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A major embarrassment for the teachers union, and a great way to encourage homeschooling.  

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