Milwaukee Director of Worship: Latin Mass is “rubric-centered”, “defensive”

We’ve written about this before here on CCC, but given the importance of the subject matter, another mention can’t hurt. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is sponsoring a congress on liturgy on February 1. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. From the looks of the roster of speakers and their topics, I cannot emphasize enough how the “virtual Council” and not the actual Council is being reinforced here in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

It’s important to remember that, of all the things he could have spoken about, Pope Benedict XVI dedicated his final addresses before the College of Cardinals to the Second Vatican Council and the “disasters” wrought by the “council of the media”. Briefly defined, this “Council of the media” (or “virtual Council”) represents a systematic manipulation of the real Second Vatican Council on the part of agenda-driven ideologues whose aim was/is to advance an alternate narrative about the Catholic Church in the modern world; a Church in which “dialogue” and “diversity” overtake doctrine and tradition. Can anyone doubt that precisely this has taken place over the past forty years, and especially here in Milwaukee. The narrative of the “virtual Council” rules at nearly every parish in this city and its greatest success is that so few are even aware of it. It might be tempting to see this issue as something best reserved for faculty lounges and graduate students in theology. But that would be a huge mistake. This crisis has real consequences for all Catholics.

In Benedict’s own words:

“This Council of the media was accessible to everyone. Therefore, this was the dominant one, the more effective one, and it created so many disasters, so many problems, so much suffering: seminaries closed, convents closed, banal liturgy … and the real Council had difficulty establishing itself and taking shape; the virtual Council was stronger than the real Council.” ~Pope Benedict XVI, February 14, 2013

For another example of false Vatican II narratives taking hold, check out our own Milwaukee Catholic Herald. This is what Dean Daniels, the director of the archdiocesan Office of Worship (and one of many holdovers from the Weakland era) had to say about the Council of Trent and the Tridentine Mass.
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Definitely worth the read.   Most diocesan Sacred Worship directors have the same misunderstanding.  Like the Ordinary Form isn't "rubric-centered." 

I found this but didn't have time to listen:
Archbishop Listecki talks with his guests from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee - Dean Daniels, director of the Office for Worship, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and Fr. Steve Malkiewicz, director of worship and lecturer in Liturgical Studies, Saint Francis de Sales Seminary - about the new Roman Missal translation.


  1. Help me out here. If we can caricature the Latin Mass is 1) "rubric-centered" and 2) "defensive", can we caricature the Novus Ordo as 1) not "rubric-centered" and 2) "offensive"?

    1. BINGO!

      We have a winner ladies and gentlemen!

  2. A remarkable story, as it shows what we're really up against, in an institutionalized sense. There really is an ideological hostility toward the Traditional Latin Mass that is embedded in the archdiocesan bureaucracy/middle management. This is why any change is going to have to come from the grass roots, not from the top.

    1. Agreed. At least at the arch/diocesan level there needs to be at least tolerance, even if we are all second class citizens. From there, we are allowed to grow and flourish if God wills it.

  3. I have long suspected that the antipathy to the EF demonstrated by Daniels (et al) was made apparent by the decision of the Archdiocese to corral all the "EF people" at one place. It is a very good facility, but not even remotely close to the geographic center of the Archdiocese. (Granted, there is excellent access by freeway.)

    Note well that there are ZERO other EF Masses in the entire Archdiocese. Contrast that with Madison (!!) which has two or three regularly-scheduled EF Masses and even more OF/Latin.

    Daniels is an ignoramus. Worse: he's promoting his ignorance to tens of thousands more Catholics.

  4. I attended the conference - it was pretty much what it sounded like. On some good notes - no banners, no dancing, no clapping. There were some cheap shots at the new missal translation, but of anyone to come to support the new missal translation (although not an outright…praise) was Bishop Sklba, saying that although it is wordy etc… that perhaps the church is doing the right thing and that it unifies other cultures in making our liturgy more in sync with other cultures. The one positive point was in a talk from Steven Janco telling about how the teens from his parish were upset that they were the only ones at world youth day that didn't know the pater noster in latin - saying that we should teach tradition as well. Overall - no mention of traditional liturgies at all. They didn't bash things, just didn't mention it. It was pretty disappointing overall. (I'm trying to be generous here.) I realized that traditional minded people need to represent themselves as a valid expression of their culture and heritage or they will be completely ignored as the big push among them was "interculturation" and celebration of culture.

  5. By the way, one can find Dean's (apparent) mentor critiqued here by Dom A. Reid:

  6. @ Dad29... Unless it has been ceased because of the health problems the pastor has been having, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Kenosha hosts a weekly EF liturgy.

    There was a once a month one being hosted in Kenosha for several years with the help of parishioners from St. Stanislaus and St. Anthony's but it has since become a weekly thing.

  7. Doh. I didn't know about the Kenosha parish. I was aware of the ICK "branch"--and one was also operating in Sheboygan--but I wasn't counting ICK as "parish" Masses.

  8. I actually re-confirmed on Tuesday with a friend of mine who recently helped work on renovating the rectory at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. They do still have the EF Liturgy every week.

    The parish is not associated with the ICK (the old once a month Mass was). The priests there actually came up from Chicago where they were doing great work in encouraging the personal conversion and holiness of their brother priests, regardless of their liturgical preference.

    I assume they made it up here through Chicago connections with Archbishop Listecki, as their ministry certainly isn't something his Eminence Cardinal George would forbid or even discourage


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