Catholic archbishop’s path to priesthood included Buddhist temple

[+]Jackels was raised as a Catholic, but said he stopped going to mass in high school. After his college experiences with Buddhism, he came back to Catholicism after a fellow dishwasher at a college job handed him a pocket New Testament. He then traveled to Guatemala with the Maryknoll missionaries, cementing his return to Christianity.

He said he realized the things that attracted him to the Buddhist temple were also present in the Catholic church – things like chanting and incense as part of spirituality – but he felt he could better understand the deeper meaning in Catholicism.
full article The Gazette


  1. Great story! Very hope-filled and inspiring! God knows no boundaries.

  2. This is a great witness in general, but also to the authentic interpretations of V2 (as opposed to the relativistic spins of the "Spirit of V2" crowd) concerning both personal holiness and the relationship with other religions.


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