CMReport: About Those Snobby TLM Types

It seems that every time I post on a topic even tangentially related to the Latin Mass, a parade of people from whom I have never heard before chime in to tell me that they were made to feel unwelcome by the TLM community.

In my previous post, I had a commenter accuse me of being one of those snobby TLM types that this blog repeatedly "makes him feel bad about himself" because he doesn't know Latin.

Oh the horror. Only one little problem with this anecdote of incivility, I don't speak Latin. Oh and I never use Latin on the blog.

I think that this is very common these days for people to 'hear' about the snobbishness of the TLM community and to project their own feelings on to anyone they suspect is in that camp.

I don't speak Latin and certainly have never criticized anyone for being just like me. And while I have an affection for the traditional mass, I only attend the mass maybe 10% of the time. That means that 90% of the time I attend the same mass as all the non-snobbish people.
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  1. While this article is clearly trying to address the stereotype, it doesn't mean that that stereotype isn't rooted in a partial truth.

    While I have deep love for the Liturgy in both Forms (when done right at least), I have also seen firsthand, in more than one location, the attitudes of those who attend the TLM as being very much a stumbling block for deeper engagement in the richness of the Catholic Faith in general, and the TLM in particular.

    I believe it was Fr. Z (I could be mistaken) who relatively recently even said, and I paraphrase, "the greatest hindrance to the propagation of the TLM is those who attend the TLM".

    1. Agreed. But the knee jerk reaction of people who "heard somewhere" that TLMers are snobby is probably not fair. And some of the other presumptions like we're all Latin experts who cant wait to gloat and lord over all the filthy commoners and show our linguistic aptitude is just something I dont see.

    2. I would agree that the knee-jerk reaction is unnecessary, and the argument with regards to the Latin language is pretty silly, and I admit I've certainly never seen either.

      That being said though, the extensive comments on the original post on Creative Minority Report actually did a lot to reflect the challenge with regards to this issue. There were a number of posters on both sides who certainly were not exactly charitable to one another.


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