Goodman: Politically Liberal Fascists Tearing Up the Constitution in Madison

Will Goodman has offered some thoughts on the recent City of Madison ordinance targeted at pro-lifers in the city.

The Common Council of the City of Madison voted unanimously Tuesday night (2/25) to adopt an unconstitutional gag-rule resolution offered by organizations that profit from killing innocent babies in the womb (viz., NARAL and "Planned Parenthood") stating that if you disagree with the abortion status quo, you may not do so within a certain distance from the entrance of places where they violently dismember living people. The civil servants of "the People's Republic" of Madison now tell us that if you believe human life is sacred in the womb, you may NOT exercise your right to freedom of speech near their abortion mill doors. ...Or you must face the consequences.

The Madison city council thus speaks the language of the abortion industry and says to peaceful pro-lifers: "Take your signs, quiet words, polite smiles, leaflets, and your Constitutional rights and GET AWAY! OR WE WILL FINE AND ARREST YOU!!"

The new ordinance essentially states that abortion facilities are not in the United States of America, but in the arbitrary jurisdiction of the "City of Madison" --and that the abortuary properties in the city thus supersede free speech rights of the public and make void the US Constitution for those who love human persons in the womb as well as their mothers.

This is yet another very troubling and twisted move towards left-wing fascism, liberal totalitarianism, abortion-tyranny, and contraceptive imperialism. (Like the HHS mandate, Obamacare, tax-funded abortions/contraception, "duty to dispense" pharmacy rules, the elimination of conscientious objection to abortion in hospitals/med schools, broad EC legislative mandates, restrictive insurance coverage mandates for abortifacients, etc.)

Even for those who favor the violence of abortion, this move should sound an alarm. That is because it means ANY city council anywhere can arbitrarily criminalize time-honored, peaceful free-speech conduct in public areas and on public sidewalks just because those few individuals with civil power happen to disagree with your thoughts and words, as well as your message and your politics!

Classical "liberals" and many left-leaning free speech advocates would often quote the violent Voltaire who they claim to have said that he would fight for your right to say the very things with which he so strongly disagreed.

Nowadays, many modern self-styled "liberals" or "progressives" will rather fight (with unjust positive laws) to SILENCE your rights to speak on issues with with they strongly disagree. If you are on the "wrong-side" of their political progressivism, then they believe you have no rights. End of discussion. And therefore, embracing and even protecting these unjust intrusions into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are now considered being "enlightened", "civil" and "humane" by such "progressives".

Welcome to "progressive fascism".

This is NOT liberal. This is NOT progressive. And this is certainly NOT American. No city council ever has the right to eviscerate, restrict or revise the US Constitution and remove the free-speech rights of any citizens. Period.

What these City of Madison abortion cronies have done is a grave violation of free-speech in the name of "progression"; but this does not change the truth that this gag-order is really at the service of abortion big-money. The abortionists asked for the elimination of their opponents' Constitutional rights (while they eliminate the most vulnerable), and the Common Council most commonly complied without hesitation. Shame.

So why does the abortion lobby so badly desire these de-constitutionalized zones outside their killing centers? There have been no allegations of harassment whatsoever, not even one shred of any evidence of charges of assault or disturbing the peace (immoral actions for which just laws already exist). The reason is simply because they desire more abortions and the money they obtain for each additional baby killed.

This gag-rule is specifically intended to choke off the peaceful pro-life response in Madison at the abortion mills. The work of conscientious and civil sidewalk counselors offering free non-violent medical alternatives to mothers/fathers with crisis pregnancies has been very effective in the past few years. These courageous individuals with Vigil For Life, 365 for Life, 40 Days for Life, and others, have helped save the lives of many babies and mothers.

NARAL and "Planned Parenthood" cannot stand this! Every time a mother chooses life, they lose money.

According to Abby Johnson, former Director of a "Planned Parenthood" abortion chain in Texas, these mills have abortion quotas that must be met, quotas set by these eugenic abortionists' national leadership. The abortion-industry is big money, and they will not tolerate individuals and organizations which provide free assistance to mothers and babies before, during and after pregnancy. (Services which they will not offer.)

These unjust "free-speech-scrubbing bubbles" are now being erected around abortion facilities as retaliation for the successful work of sidewalk counselors and the beautiful free, healthy services offered by the nearby Women's Care Center, the Pregnancy Helpline, and Carenet.

Make no mistake: these violations of the Constitution & free speech are designed to aid and abet the lucrative baby-killing industry, and silence those who help mothers and children, as well as those who also offer post-abortion healing/support to victimized individuals who have been sadly duped and exploited by the commercial abortion corporations.

Therefore, this atrocious and un-Constitutional injustice of an ordinance, along with the even greater injustice of destroying innocent human lives, must be stopped.

If you would like, call the City Council of Madison (608-266-4071) and respectfully request that they please honor the Constitution in all parts of their city, including outside of facilities that terminate the lives of innocent defenseless children before birth. And further, that they protect the Constitutional rights of all Americans, especially the rights of those with whom they may choose to disagree.

Let us pray for human reason, compassion, liberty and authentic justice to prevail.

Copied directly from the City of Madison legislative page:

Fiscal Note
There may be a small increase in General Fund revenues derived from forfeitures.
Creating Section 23.01 and amending Section 1.08(3)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances to create a buffer zone at the entrance of health care facilities to protect patients from protestors and creates a bail schedule for violation thereof.
DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This ordinance creates a protective zone within 160 feet of health clinics for patients to be allowed entry and exit without obstruction. Additionally, this ordinance will prevent anyone from actively approaching, to within eight feet, people intending to use the health clinic's service in order to engage in oral protest, education, counseling, passing of leaflets or handbills, or displaying signs to the person. This ordinance also creates a bail schedule for this offense.
The Common Council of the City of Madison do hereby ordain as follows:
1. Section 23.01 entitled "Prohibition on Obstructing Entryways to Health Clinics" of the Madison General Ordinances is created to read as follows:
(1) Restrictions. It shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the following:
(a) Intentionally obstruct, detain, hinder, impede, or block another person's entry to or exit from a health care facility.
(b) Intentionally approach another person to within eight (8) feet without consent for the purpose of doing any of the following on a public way or sidewalk area within a radius of one hundred sixty (160) feet from an entrance to a health care facility:
1. Pass a leaflet or handbill to the person.
2. Display a sign to the person.
3. Engage in oral protest, education or counseling with the person.
(2) Definitions. In this section a "health care facility" means a hospital, clinic or office that is used by a licensed physician. Where an office used by a health care facility is located in a multi-office building, the common areas of the entire building shall also be deemed a health care facility.
(3) Penalty. Violators shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than fifty dollars ($50) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1000)."

2. Subdivision (a) of Subsection (3) entitled "Schedule of Deposits" of Section 1.08 entitled "Issuance of Citations for Violations of Certain Ordinances and Providing a Schedule of Cash Deposits" of the Madison General Ordinances is amended by creating and amending therein the following:
"Offense Ord. No./Adopted Statute No. Deposit
Obstruct entrance to health care 23.01 $300, 1st
clinics for purpose of protesting. $500, 2nd
$750, 3rd"
EDITOR'S NOTE: New bail deposits must be approved by the Municipal Judge prior to adoption. This deposit has been so approved.

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