Ambulance Transports Wounded Women from Madison Planned Parenthood 2 Days in a Row

Last Tuesday, March 4, sidewalk counselors outside the Planned Parenthood in Madison witnessed a wounded woman being taken from the clinic to an ambulance. Fortunately, the mother was alive this time, but her condition is unknown.

The very next day, another woman was again rushed from the clinic to an ambulance. This time, a fire truck was present as well. "We witnessed a fire truck arrive, men run in with equipment, then an ambulance with more people and bags going in," a witness said. "They were in quite a while then finally brought out a girl wrapped completely and strapped to a gurney."

On both occasions, a Brinks truck arrived to pick up cash from Planned Parenthood shortly after the ambulances left with the wounded mothers. What a tragic irony.
Pro-Life Wisconsin

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