Wis. Judge Tells Abortionist: Quit Trying to Break the Law and Put Women’s Lives at Risk

A federal judge in Wisconsin has a message for an abortion practitioner who is trying to overturn a pro-life law requiring abortion clinics to ensure their abrotionists have admitting privileges at a local hospital. The law is meant to protect women’s health in cases when botched abortions put their lives at risk.

The judge essentially old the abortion practitioner to quit worrying about trying to overturn the law with a lawsuit and to bother to actually follow the requirements of the statute.

Not only have such laws protected women’s health, but they have resulted, in other states, in shutting down abortion businesses that won’t comply with this basic health and safety standard. When the state of Texas clamped down on abortion clinics that could not follow basic health and safety standards and failed to ensure abortion practitioners had admitting privileges at local hospitals in cases where women are injured in botched abortions, abortion clinics closed down because they couldn’t comply. As many as 20 Texas abortion clinics have closed or stopping doing abortions.
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