Correction regarding recent Around D.LaX post

I made a comment about the La Crosse Diocese policy on the Creighton model.  It deserves a correction.

I did not know this but this summer the NFP office did change their policy regarding Creighton model.  Previously only Sympto Thermal method was promoted because it was simpler - and quite frankly there's probably something to that - they didn't want to turn people off of Natural Family Planning to newly married couples not familiar with it.  If the couples find it excessively cumbersome, it could leave them to abandon any attempt at a moral marital relationship.  So the point of my comment was simply to reference that policy - a policy I don't even necessarily disagree with.  Heck, my wife and I have five children in seven years of marriage so we're not exactly poster children for NFP to begin with(in other words, we don't have a chicken in the fight).

But this summer, the diocese changed their website and shows openness to let those seeking NFP training see and choose from all three popular methods of family planning.

Apparently there was a recent article in The Catholic Times mentioning this change(yes, while I was out on paternity leave).  It's not in the current PDF on their website but, if someone is aware of a link to it I can post it.

Like Fr. Klos mentioned in his comment on the article, implementing the SymptoPro online program was a needed success for a rural diocese like ours, with so few instructors available.
She is responsible for establishing an on-line NFP training course which has made it possible for many, many, many couples to be trained in NFP who live in the more rural areas of our diocese. It has also made it possible for pastors like me to require NFP training as part of couple's preparation for marriage.
The point of the comment wasn't to belittle the countless accomplishments of Mrs. Heinzen, was just a quick and unfortunately hasty way of mentioning the "Creighton is to complicated" issue which it turns out is not even an issue anymore.  Apologies.

Original Post: Around D.LaX - as of September 12th

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