Across ArchMil - week of October 13th 2014

From the Chancery

CRS Project, by Jerome E. Listecki, Archbishop of Milwaukee, Our Faith blog. "Over the last two years, CRS has partnered with the Diocese of Meki, in Ethiopia, in a life altering project .... This project helps women and girls overcome gender discrimination, realize their potential and assume leadership roles in their communities."

Intentional disciples give voice to the church, Herald of Hope column by Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "Think of how influential our parishes and the archdiocese would become if we intentionally lived the teachings of the Gospel and the direction of the church."

Diocesan Synods Offer Opportunities for Catholic Church Renewal, by John Paul Shimek, National Catholic Register. "The [Milwaukee] synod’s plenary sessions collected advisory votes on key initiatives. Overall, votes reflected a need for better catechetical instruction for the archdiocesan community and more rigorous formation for lay ecclesial leaders." (via Archdiocese of Milwaukee)

In the Milwaukee Catholic Herald

The latest issue of Mature Lifestyles (supplementary section aimed at older Catholics, not to be confused with Old Catholics)

Accept sacred permission to feel what you are feeling, In Exile column by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, October 16, 2014. "Some years ago, for all the noblest of intentions, a religious community I know wanted to sanitize the Psalms that they pray regularly in the Divine Office to rid them of all elements of anger, violence, vengeance, and war."

Around the Parishes and Schools

Thousands expected for Catholic Schools "Soles" walk, by Annysa Johnson, FaithWatch blog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Nearly 9,000 walkers are expected to turn out this month for the second annual 'Soles for Catholic Education' fund-raising walk beginning at 10 a.m. Oct. 25 at Mount Mary University."

Nunsense actors meet 'real live sisters', by Ricardo Torres, Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "Five Pius XI High School students had an opportunity to practice method acting by visiting the Sisters of Assisi Convent in St. Francis, Thursday, Sept. 25, to help them understand what religious life is like." (Sherman, set the WABAC machine to 1964; the place, any Catholic grade school in America.)

Gay Catholics find 'whisper of hope' in growing ministry, by Annysa Johnson, with The Associated Press, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Gay and Straight in Christ was founded at Good Shepherd [Menomonee Falls] in 2004 by Ann Castiglione, a lay minister whose godson is gay, with support from its former pastor and fellow parishioners. She's been invited to speak at parishes across the archdiocese, and at least three other programs are up and running — at St. Mary, St. Joseph Parish in Grafton and Our Lady of Lourdes on Milwaukee's southwest side."


  1. "supplementary section aimed at older Catholics, not to be confused with Old Catholics" ROFL!

    "Gay and Straight in Christ" Does Milwaukee have an active Courage chapter? Invoking Fr. Massingale doesn't exactly invoke confidence in the group.

  2. Why did they mot just start a chapter of Courage?

  3. The Courage website lists contacts for chapters in Madison and Green Bay. The first listing shown as for Green Bay says "Courage goes by the name 'Faith in Action' in La Crosse, Wisconsin." So nothing is shown for Milwaukee (or Superior).

    As to why it's a separate organization locally, I'm emailing Deacon Sites.

    1. Faith in Action is what it is called in St. Paul-Mpls because of the Courage Center for disabilities already existed here.

      Some Bishops are not supportive of Courage - which is unfortunate.

      Gay and Straight in Christ sounds similar to the conference in Notre Dame this weekend. I always connect the dots back to Grammick and New Ways Ministry.


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