Cdl. Burke confirms publicly to BuzzFeed News(of all outlets) he has been ousted

In the interview with BuzzFeed News, Burke confirmed publicly for the first time the rumors that he had been told Francis intended to demote him from the church’s chief guardian of canon law to a minor post as patron to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

“I very much have enjoyed and have been happy to give this service, so it is a disappointment to leave it,” Burke said, explaining that he hadn’t yet received a formal notice of transfer. “On the other hand, in the church as priests, we always have to be ready to accept whatever assignment we’re given. And so I trust by accepting this assignment I trust that God will bless me, and that’s what’s in the end most important.”

When the Pope first took office, his pivot away from an emphasis on questions of sexuality were more a matter of personal tone rather than changes in church policy or personnel. There were rumors that he was trying to oust the man chosen by Pope Benedict to head the church’s office responsible for doctrine, Gerhard Müller, but last winter he instead elevated him from archbishop to cardinal. When word that Burke was on his way out began circulating last month, it signaled that Francis would take major steps to reshape the church. It coincided with the selection of a new archbishop of Chicago, Blase Cupich, who Catholic progressives celebrated for positions like breaking with the American church hierarchy when it withheld its support for President Obama’s health reform law over questions of abortion and contraception.
But, Burke said, the Church must always call a “person who’s involved in sinful acts […] to conversion in a loving way, but obviously, like a father or mother in a family, in a firm way for the person’s own good.” There cannot be “a difference between doctrine and practice” on questions like homosexuality or anything else, Burke said. [Essentially it is this attitude which, well, we must say that Pope Francis deems harmful, perhaps +O'Malley and +Wuerl more so as his American consultants.]

“The church doesn’t exclude anyone who’s of goodwill even if the person is suffering from same-sex attraction or even acting on that attraction,” said Burke. “If people don’t accept the church’s teaching on these matters than they’re not thinking with the church and they need to examine themselves on that and correct their thinking or leave the church if they absolutely can’t accept. They’re certainly not free to change the teaching of the church to suit their own ideas.”
full article at BuzzFeed

As commentators have stated, it's one of the most severe political retributions in recent Vatican history.  My earlier thoughts here and here.


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[* Update (11:50 PM GMT): "At the request of several readers, BuzzFeed News has printed a transcript of the section of the interview wherein Cardinal Burke talks about leaving the Signatura."]


  1. I am glad that I am not the only one that finds it a bit odd that Him Eminence would finally speak publicly about this matter with BuzzFeed...maybe he's a fan of the fun quizzes?

    1. Right? Perhaps nobody reached out to him to ask before today?

  2. happy hour goes until 7pm in some places... so we have that going for us

  3. This breaks my heart. My confidence has been shaken. I couldn't be more serious.

  4. Maybe the time out will do him well. He has seemed to be very angry of late.


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