Election-stravaganza/Open Thread/Live Blog/Fiesta UPDATE: WALKER WINS UPDATE: COMPLETE BLOWOUT


Greetings again, sports fans. Yesterday I posted my election predictions. Check them out if you haven't already. We'll be here all night as long as I feel like posting election updates.

Don't wait for the mainstream media to tell you the results. Check out posts (and comments) at the following websites and blogs to get the early dirt:

What to Watch For:
  • Polls close on the East Coast first and then the Midwest. Early GOP wins in Florida (governor), Georgia (Senate), North Carolina (Senate), and New Hampshire (Senate) will be signs of a good night.
  • Likewise Democrat wins in Kentucky (Senate), Wisconsin (governor), or Arkansas (Senate) would be DOOM for the GOP.
What Not to Watch:
  • Exit polls
  • Anecdotes about how long the line was at a particular polling place compared with the last election
  • Early voting numbers

Update (7:37 p.m.):
Mitch McConnell's quick win made me think we might be on the verge of a huge night for the GOP. However, the Republicans appear to be running behind Mitt Romney's 2012 page in North Carolina. New Hampshire also looks bad for the Republican nominee. Still very early to note any game-changing trends, but no surprises so far.

Also, Tom Cotton has picked up a Senate seat for the GOP in Arkansas. This was expected, but it is nevertheless a sign that the Republicans are on track.

Republican turned Independent turned Democrat Charlie Crist appears likely to win the governors' race in FL.

Update (8:30 p.m.):
Still very little news. No signs of a big GOP wave. Your perception of this election might hinge on the Virginia Senate race. We might get a call on the FL GOP race soon. Dem. Charlie Crist down just a percent with the Miami-Dade area still coming in.

Update (8:50 p.m.):
Republicans hold the statehouse in Florida. That's a surprise to me!

Update (9:14 p.m.):
Well, I started out extremely pessimistic, but things seem to be breaking the Republicans' way. A victory in Colorado, good trends in IA and KS, the governorship in FL and a projected gain of about 10 in the House.

Update (9:51 p.m.):
Well, some of the celebrations got in the way of me posting this earlier, but Walker wins. This has turned into a GOP wave. Not only do Republicans appear to be holding serve everywhere, but they look like they'll pick up North Carolina.

Update (beer thirty): An ode to Mary Burke (MK)
Update (10:55 p.m.):
Complete blowout. Nothing left to say... Go have some fun.

Update (11:12 p.m.): 
Dist 1. Paul Ryan (R)(i) winner
Dist 2. Mark Pocan (D)(i) winner
Dist 3. Ron Kind (D)(i) winner
Dist 4. Gwen "Ramen Noodles" Moore (D)(i) winner
Dist 5. Jim Sensenbrenner (R)(i)
Dist 6. Glenn Grothman (R) winner
Dist 7. Sean Duffy (R)(i) winner
Dist 8. Reid Ribble (R)(i) winner

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