Photos: Madtown All Souls Pontifical

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One from Aristotle

I took some too but I don't think they turned out.  In my typical fashion I'm running up to the door huffing and puffing, not getting setup to do much.  I should have just setup a tripod to take video.  Oh yeah, and I wanted to get some shots of the choir but spent far too much time in prayer, what the heck.  The good news is it sounds like these will keep happening.  One number I heard was there were 330 that attended.  The chapel was almost completely full. Was nice to sit with the official BC aunt and uncle there as well. Music was excellent.... it made me realize I need a will with the first line being Sung Requiem. Bp. Morlino did preach a bit after, he recognized the monks from The Holy Resurrection Monastery(over in the Green Bay Diocese by Manitowoc), and joked that he had better keep true to his promise to visit the monastery himself.


  1. Oh, you can tell someone is really praying when they have the fingers of their folded hands under their noses. It's even better when their eyes are squinted closed. Faux piety.
    This production looked empty, bereft and hollow. The play's the thing!

    1. What ever happened to All Are Welcome?? Or is there an asterisk missing?


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